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Storage Brisbane


Dawson Moving & Storage Brisbane offers a wide range of furniture storage Brisbane services, as well as and general storage solutions to suit our clients individual needs. Better yet,  you only pay for the space that you use. Our Brisbane storage facility is government approved with state of the art security controls in place including back to base alarm.

Whether you are looking for a short term solution to store a few valuable items, or something more long term, or a full house of furniture stored, we have a solution to meet all needs and requirements. With years of experience and government approved facilities, you can have peace of mind that your items will be secure and well looked after 24 hours a day. Unsure of your options? Our expert team will run you through all of the available options, helping you pick the very best option for your needs.

Full Container Storage

Not only can we can provide containerised storage but we have the ability to store these containers inside of our warehouse. When you choose our containerised storage solution, our truck goes to your home with the container on its back, after we have completed a detailed inventory of your goods we then load the goods into the container and bring it back to our facility, the container is lifted off the truck and placed into dry secure and pest free storage , in other words your goods are never touched again until you require delivery, at which point the container is lifted back on the truck and taken to your new home. NO double handling of your goods is required.

Why use our storage Brisbane service?

There are a variety of different reasons why you may consider using our storage Brisbane services, as it can be a beneficial and convenient option in many different cases. Our furniture storage and other solutions are flexible, making them available for long and short term service. We also charge by the amount of space you use, meaning you can have specific amounts of storage to suit your exact requirements, without the hassle of paying for space you just don’t need. We have summarised the benefits of our services below:

  • Possessions cluttering up your spare room and you have guests coming to stay? Our storage unit is a great place to hold onto valuable items while you are entertaining guests.
  • Only rent the space you need! Why pay more for space you aren’t using? Our storage solutions are extremely cost effective.
  • Selling your home but haven’t found a new place to live? This can leave you with a bit of a problem, as your old home will be full of lifelong possessions that you need to move on. We can take care of this for you. Our storage units are the ideal place to store your possessions, for as much time as you need. This helps give you the flexibility and patience to wait for your ideal home, rather than rush into a decision and pick somewhere to live as a last resort.
  • Is your home being redecorated? We offer short and long term solutions, and we can look after your furniture and possessions until your home is ready.

As you can see our storage Brisbane service resolves many potential problems. We believe that our flexibility has helped us grow and build up a strong reputation as a company, making us a favourite all over Brisbane.

Are there restrictions on what I can store?

We pride ourselves on helping as much as possible, and will store anything that fits into our units and is legally possible. The law does have various restrictions on what can or cannot be stored in a storage facility. You are unable to store anything flammable, dangerous, explosive, illegal, perishable and environmentally harmful. While this may seem fairly obvious, it is something that is quite easily forgotten about. If you are between houses, using our facility for furniture storage can make things simpler for you, just remember to check about electrical appliances and items that use water to reduce the risk of mould during the storage time.

Storage tips

Moving home? We understand that this can be a stressful process to go through, with so many different things to think about storage is easily forgotten about. However this is something you need to tackle right away.

As we are charging for the space you use, we highly recommend taking advantage of this by preparing your storage as much as possible, as this can help you save money! We also recommend preparing so our service runs as efficiently and conveniently as possible, we want you to get the most out of our service. It is always great to be prepared for something like this, as it always takes longer than your originally anticipate and it is good to get an idea of what items you will actually need.

Planning before packing

Before you have even started to pack, you need to decide what items you are going to be keeping and what you no longer need! There is little point keeping possessions that you no longer have any use for or intention to put to use again. This is can help save time and money, the last thing you want to do is waste money on storing items you no longer want! Also, a new home is a fresh start, so use this opportunity to have a much needed clear out.

Now you have the items you want to take, it is time to start making a plan. This is when you should decide how you are going to pack up your items, you need to determine what will be packed together and how.

Finally, write an inventory. While we will do our own inventory it is still a good idea for you to do one, just so you know exactly what you have packed. This will also help you prepare for welcoming back these possessions into your new home, helping you create a picture of what your new home will look like and where to store things once they arrive.

Moving and Storing Furniture

Storing furniture is not a problem, however to meet safety regulations and guidelines there are certain measures that have to be taken with some of your appliances.

  • If you wish to store fridges or freezers then they must be completely empty, this is because we are not allowed to store anything that is perishable.
  • Make sure your fridge is drained; while dishwashers and washing machines should also be drained. It can be best to do this a few days in davance to allow them to dry completely before going into storage and reducing risk of mould. Another tip is to place an absorbant item in the fridge or freezer, even a handful of tea bags will help take excess moisture out of the appliance.
  • All doors on appliances and furniture are taped up, this is a safety measure to prevent any potential injury to our removalists.
  • Tape up any wires or cords that are on appliances, taping them on the side of the appliance is the most effective way to do this as it will help ensure no damage is done.
  • Empty any furniture drawers.
Packing Your Items for Storage

You are nearly there, by now you will have a solid plan and all of your other furniture and appliances are ready to be moved. At this point you probably have a big pile of stuff on the floor, but your plan will soon help you finish the job!

  • Start with your larger items – it is best to have larger, heavier items at the bottom of the box and the lighter items on top.
  • While you are packing items away make sure you clearly label all of the boxes, to help make the unloading process as easy as possible.
  • Wrap all breakables in bubble wrap – while we guarantee to handle your items carefully, it is still a good idea to do this.
  • Don’t try to store too much in one box – this could lead to breakages.
  • Ensure you tape up the bottom of each box, especially if it contains heavy items. This is to make sure nothing falls out of the bottom.
  • Never use plastic bags – while these may seem a convenient option, heat could cause mould to grow.

The best storage Brisbane solutions

Whatever your storage needs are, from a full house of furniture to a few items, in a container or in a holding area, get in touch with the expert team at Dawson Moving and Storage for a free quote or call us on 07 3277 0043.