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Furniture Removals Brisbane

Moving your home is made simple with the furniture removalists Brisbane professionals at Dawson Moving and Storage.


We have two options available to our clients seeking a local Brisbane removalist, a simple hourly rate option or we can arrange for a local moving sales rep to come to your home to survey the goods you require moved and offer you an obligation free, fixed price quote.

Family moving houseDawson Moving Brisbane has a fleet of trucks capable of moving one item of furniture, a large family home or a business office locally within Brisbane or beyond. Our vehicles are equipped with all the necessary protective covers for your furniture items as well as plastic covers for all fabric furnishings. If you are moving locally within Brisbane or surrounds please contact us and a member of our local Brisbane removalists sales team will be in touch shortly.


We at Dawson Moving & Storage Brisbane can safely and professionally move your furniture and goods across the street or across the country. No city or town is too far away and an obligation free, fixed price quote can be provided for any location. All our trucks are fitted with state of the art navigation and tracking equipment meaning we can pinpoint the exact location of your furniture and goods as it is moved anywhere in Australia at any time of the day or night.

Whether you’re moving Brisbane to Sydney, Brisbane to Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia, Dawson Moving & Storage will take the worry out of your big move.

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At Dawson Moving & Storage Brisbane we pride ourselves in being as efficient as possible on your day of moving, because we help you with the necessary steps to plan a successful, stress-free removal. We’ll speak to you about any additional requirements or details that relate to your particular move, and outline all options we can assist you with. We offer only affordable, flexible services, making us the best removalists Brisbane based.

Step 1: Pre-Removal Phase

When moving from a big house or property that requires many goods to be transported, it may be beneficial to allow us to arrange a local moving sales rep to assess your situation. This will help us make certain we are 100% ready to move you professionally and hassle-free on the day, maximising productivity and time. By allowing us on your premises before moving, we can anticipate any potential issues and work out solutions beforehand, such as looking at parking options, required moving equipment and the most efficient removal routes available around your home, apartment or business.

It’s a good idea to have a think about the location you are moving to and its available space. Visualise your existing goods from your current place and what rooms they will end up in your new residence, especially big ticket items and furniture. This is a good step to take before you even start packing, so you can start categorising items and grouping them together to reduce the confusion unpacking at the other end.

If you are moving out or into an apartment it’s also wise to get in contact with your body corporate. There may be certain information they can provide that will assist in removals, such as height and parking restrictions. You may also need to enquire about lift access or booking the lift on the day of moving, as each building has different guidelines making it best to check beforehand.

Step 2: Packing Up Your Belongings

We offer full, secure packing services, taking the upmost care with your personal belongings. However, if you wish to do this yourself, we’re happy to provide any relevant information to assist you getting your goods packed and ready to go for our removal services.

To start, get a relative idea of how many packaging boxes you will require for your possessions. It’s generally better to get more boxes than you anticipate rather than being conservative, as there is nothing worse than running out of packaging materials right at the last moment you’re scheduled to move.

Have a look at any unusually shaped, or large pieces of furniture. It’s a good practice to measure these items manually, as well as any doorways or exits they may need to fit through during the removal process. Likewise, you may have to measure dimensions at your new place, as once moved, you don’t want to run into trouble trying to fit items into their new rooms. If sourcing your own boxes don’t skimp on quality. High quality boxes are essential for a smooth moving experience, boxes that are strong and won’t break easily when being packed and carried.

When you start the packing process be sure to give yourself plenty of time before the day of removal. It almost always takes longer than you expect to pack your entire household, office or business, so starting sooner rather than later is important to avoid last minute stress.

Clearly label boxes as you pack so you know exactly where they will end up after the move. Give each room a distinct name to avoid confusion and work on one space at a time so you don’t mix-up items between rooms. Having your boxes labelled accurately will also allow us too quickly and effectively move your possession to the correct location in your new premises. This saves us time getting you set-up, and for you to have to instruct us where boxes and furniture should go.

If there are items or furniture you don’t want to take to your new place with you, or if there is a waiting period between locations, we can take your items to a secure storage. If you are unsure if you need storage during packing, our expert team can provide options for all your storage enquires. Dawson Moving & Storage Brisbane provides affordable storage solutions, allowing both your moving and storage needs to be handled together in one easy, simplified process.

Step 3: On the day of the move

The day of moving is often considered one of the most stressful times in someone’s life, so we want to do everything humanly possible to remove this stress and make the job as painless as possible. Our removalist experts will be in constant communication and give you plenty of notice before they turn up on the day. They will discuss the best options in moving your belongings safely and securely into the removalist vehicle and note any other requirements you need during the move.

When moving on the day, we’ll totally be happy to help take things apart for you, such as disassembly of beds and dressers. We also disconnect any electronics, including TVs, fridges, washers and dryers. Feel free to be as much or as little as involved as you like during the moving process. If you have other things to concentrate on, we fully understand, and will take charge of the situation for a professional, timely, successful move.

This is because Dawson Moving & Storage Brisbane only use skilled, trained removalists who are trustworthy, motivated and ready to work 100%. Our teams focus in getting your furniture and boxes carefully boarded for transit as fast as possible to save you money. While they move swiftly to complete the job, every member of the team that comes on moving day still takes the highest care, prioritising safety, with all your personal property.

Step 4: Setting Up At Your New Premises

Arriving at your new premises, we will have a quick discussion with you about the fastest ways to unpack everything to their correct locations. As with packing, we want to make the unpacking process just as easy and worry-free. If you have labelled your items, we can take them straight to their designated areas.

Anything that has been taken apart can certainly be put back together by our removalists, helping you get up and running again in your new place. Moving everything in is just the first part of assistance we offer, as we know placement and positioning of key items is important to establish the right look and feel of your new home or business.

We want you to be completely happy with the final position of all moved furniture, so we’re not satisfied the job is done until you are. Even if we have to move the entire room around again for you to take another look, every Dawson Moving & Storage removalist Brisbane team member is committed to your total satisfaction.

Once the physical move is complete, don’t forget there are still items that need to be addressed. Many utility providers will need to be contacted, including electricity and gas. If you need to bring across your home phone number or internet you will need to get in touch with your provider as soon as possible. Updating your address with the Department of Transport and Main Roads is also very important, as is with making sure any mail to your old address is forwarded to your new one.

If you are unsure of any requirements of your move, the friendly team at Dawson Moving and Storage are able to give you a hand with any questions you may have. Get in to touch the movers in Brisbane experts, online or call us on 07 3277 0043 today!