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Packing Your Goods for Removals and Storage

Moving home or office can be one of the most stressful times, with an endless number of things to organise, settle and take care of. Here at Dawson Moving and Storage we want to make your move as simple and pain-free as possible. Our Brisbane based team of dedicated and professional movers and packers can take some of that stress out of your local or national move by offering quality packing services to help you get on your way.


Packing up your furniture and belongings is the most important part of any home or office relocation, and we want to take that pressure off so that instead of worrying about getting out of your old place with everything intact you can focus entirely on starting in your new one.

If you’re too busy, too tired or just don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of packing up all your possessions in preparation for the removalists, we can send in our professional packing team, armed with top class packing materials and equipment to ensure that your belongings are all securely packed into boxes and ready to travel whether you are moving across the street or across the country.

Taping up box when moving

Don’t risk your furniture and possessions getting damaged or broken during your move. With over 90 years of removal experience moving fine and fragile items, coupled with our use of advanced and high quality packing materials and systems, we will ensure that all your items are protected for your upcoming move and arrive in your new home or office safely and in one piece.

We can easily pack and move items of all sizes and weights, so heavy or bulky belongings aren’t a problem, and we will carefully and safely pack delicate and breakable items such as kitchen crockery, glassware and family heirlooms. We can also arrange to have specially designed crates made up to protect special and delicate items such as pianos, pool tables and grandfather clocks, making sure they are safely and securely packed and ready for travel.

If you have some time between locations, we can help here as well, by taking your items into a secure storage facility, ready to be moved on and unpacked when the time is right.

Organise your time and reduce the overall cost of your move with the efficient, thorough and trustworthy packing team at Dawson Moving Brisbane removalists and storage.


Tape used for packing boxes

The Benefits of Our Professional Packing Service

There are many advantages to using our highly trained professional packing team.

    • Manage and organise your time.

With so many things to think about and take care of when moving home or office, packing up your furniture and belongings is one of the last things your want to have to worry about. Utility accounts, end of lease cleaning and address transferring will be on your mind while some last minute setbacks are bound to pop up. Free up your time to focus on the technicalities and small details of your move, and leave the packing and heavy lifting to us.

    • We are experienced in handling heavy, fragile and special care items.

We have safely moved families around Brisbane and all over Australia for more than 90 years and have plenty of experience in wrapping and packing your fragile furniture and delicate items with the utmost care and precision, so all your belongings will reach your new place safely and securely without being damaged or broken. Our trained professionals can handle everything you might have, from glassware and fine china to antique furniture and valuable paintings.

    • We are experienced and familiar with packing materials and systems.

We have all the required tools, resources and experience to effectively pack all your belongings and get them to your new home safely and in one piece. Our specialised packing materials will secure your items and we are highly trained and experienced in packing and moving structures and processes to make the procedure as smooth and efficient as possible. Your dedicated packing team will arrive at an agreed-upon time with all the necessary packing materials and equipment to get the job done quickly, and we know what problems commonly occur and know how to pack and move successfully to avoid these problems during your move.

    • We are trained in health and safety to avoid accidents.

Our packing experts are trained in how to correctly pack, lift and carry heavy furniture and boxes, which will avoid any potential accidents or injuries that might occur when moving these yourself.

Save yourself some valuable time and avoid any potential damage and accidents by calling Dawson Moving and Storage to take care of the time-consuming packing and heavy lifting, making your move simpler and stress free.

Top Packing Tips for Moving House

If you’re going to tackle the packing yourself, here are some of our top packing tips to help make the job a little easier

Start early

Give yourself as much time as possible, because it is almost guaranteed that you will come across a lot of things that you didn’t know you had. Take some time to have a clear-out, and pack everything you can in advance while leaving out only the necessities. Get an idea of how many packing boxes and crates you will need

Use sturdy boxes

Boxes made from corrugated cardboard are stronger than regular ones, but for heavy items try and use proper furniture cartons for maximum support. Seal your boxes with good quality packing tape so items won’t fall out the bottom in transit, and label them clearly.

Pack heavy items at the bottom

Put lighter items on top, and fill the empty spaces in the box with fabric like clothing or towels, or use butcher paper or bubble wrap. Avoid newspaper as it stains. Don’t pack boxes heavier than 15-20kg, or they will be more likely to break or tear. To prevent injury, remember to always lift with your knees and not with your back.

Wrap delicate items individually

These items like glassware and dishes can be wrapped in fabric like clothing or towels to save on bubble wrap. Pack them upside-down in the boxes, which makes them less likely to be crushed. Line all the boxes carrying breakables with fabric or crushed paper and make sure you fill all the empty spaces between items

Pack your essentials separately

These should be in an overnight bag or something else you can easily carry on your own. Keep all your important documents (passports, birth certificates, property deeds etc.) and irreplaceable items with you, and don’t pack them in a box

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