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Office Relocation Brisbane


Here at Dawson Moving & Storage Brisbane have both the equipment and trained personnel to move your business anywhere in Australia. Whether you have a one person office or a large office block, moving across Brisbane or across the country we can assist in making the move as seamless as possible.

We can even arrange for your office space to be cleaned after you leave and for your IT equipment to be disconnected and reconnected at the other end, please CLICK HERE for further information on our office relocation services. One of our corporate sales team will contact you to organise an on site survey.

Moving to a new officeOffice relocation can be just as involved as moving house, and often more so. Using a professional team of removalists can make the hard work easier, and reduce the time you have to take in preparation  for moving day, making the entire move smoother and easier.

With our experienced Brisbane removalist team we can help you get everything in order quickly and easily, whether you are moving your office across town, or across the country, just ask when you get in touch.

Planning For Successful Office Removals

A full office relocation can be a tremendous job with many complexities that need considering. Regardless of your office or business size, analysis and proper planning lead to a hassle-free, smooth relocation, maximizing time and productivity.

As no two locations are the same, detailed planning before the resettlement process will assist us in understanding the safest, most efficient ways of moving your office belongings for your particular circumstance. This involves breaking down the steps of the moving process, as well as making sure we use the right gear for the task at hand.

We will arrange for a sales rep to come to your office building and assess the logistics of the area in preparation for the move. Having done many successful office relocations before, we know what signs to look for, singling out any likely hazards and making sure they will be none issues on the day of packing and moving.

Measuring and Checking

We measure and evaluate the space at both locations – where you’re moving from and where you’re moving to, making certain everything will fit, and the best routes and ways to move your equipment are established. This includes looking at the little things as well, such as booking the building’s lifts on the day you move in.

During this time, our rep will also establish the volume of office equipment and furniture that needs moving, so we are fully prepared irrespective of how many goods end up needing relocating. We can develop a labelling system with your input to make organising everything at the other end as straightforward and pain-free as possible.

Our team are open to full discussions on how you would like your items arranged in your new space. Our planning process fully considers your individual requirements and are more than happy to have a chat about the best way to place and set up your office equipment at the new premises. Having a detailed pre-relocation consultation is one key way Dawson Moving

Proper planning also minimises potential problems and difficulties. The relocation procedure, even for smaller sized offices, can be unpredictable, with requirements changing or extra steps being needed for a successful transition. This service is why Dawson Moving takes the time to look at each specific component of your office relocation, formulating a full plan to tackle any situation that may arise.

With our decades of removal and relocation experience, we’re the experts in dealing with the unknown. While our planning process accounts for the possible problems we may encounter moving your office setup, our professional team is fully adaptable to handle any of those unexpected scenarios. This is what separates us from other office relocation Brisbane companies, the experience to find solutions and get the job done as swiftly and safely as possible if unanticipated complications emerge.

Expert Staff, Specialised Equipment

When it comes to looking after and getting your valuable office equipment to its new destination our staff are office removalist professionals, committed to storing, packing and organising everything on the day. We have teams of all sizes to accommodate the task, whether it be multiple rooms, multiple floors or multiple locations.

We know that relocating an office is a much different process than a typical home removal service, which is we only use experienced team members who in know the best ways to move and pack workspaces efficiently.

We have access to high-quality packing materials and use specialised equipment to safeguard delicate office goods and furniture. Our staff have access to the latest packing technology, which allows them to work at maximum productivity and provide uncompromised security and protection for your office supplies. We ensure all office equipment will reach their new destination in exactly the same condition as when they left.

Disassembling Furniture

An office or commercial space can involve a lot of prep work before packing can commence.

Dawson Moving can provide assistance with disassembling office workspaces, including desks, shelves, cabinets and more. We can systematically move through targeted areas, pulling apart any furniture or office equipment safely, before storing them ready for transit. Disconnecting your IT and telephone systems and getting it reconnected at the other end is just another part of the service we provide relocating your office.

In fact, just like our Brisbane removalist service for homes, we provide complete support in setting up your new office. We make the hard work easier with teams ready to reassemble, place and connect your office equipment in your new location once the move is complete.

Need to leave your old space pristine and spotless? Dawson Moving & Storage also offers comprehensive cleaning services for office buildings, centres, campuses, studios and much more. Leave nothing behind except a professionally clean, sparkling premises with our dedicated cleaning staff. With expertise catering to cleaning the commercial sector and the products and equipment to clean hard to reach places, we leave no place unturned in our pursuit of total cleanliness.

Minimal Downtime

An office relocation takes time. The larger the business premises, the longer and more challenging the process can take. The simple fact is that unless you have other offices or space to keep your business up and to run, the office relocation procedure is going to cause some downtime.

Extended business downtime can cause several negative implications while you wait to become re-established in your new place. This could include disruption to staff workflow, not being able to timely service clients and their needs and allowing competitors to capitalize in on your market share. All these factors can hurt your business or company’s reputation.

Most importantly, however, is how it can affect your bottom line and profitability. The longer it takes to get setup again, the more potential you have to loss, which is why it’s so critical that any downtime is reduced as much as humanly possible.

Dawson Moving Brisbane are the professionals in getting you back up and operating as normal. Let us squash your business downtime when it’s time for your office move and ensure you’re back up working as fast as possible.

Office Relocation Checklist

While we can handle the psychical relocation and setup, there are still things you’ll need to do before the day you pack and move. Below are some of the common items you should consider when you are moving to a new building, complex or office block. It’s better to give yourself plenty of time rather than having the stressful experience of organising everything at the last minute. Start planning a few months out, and you’ll go a long way in making the entire relocation process as streamlined as possible.

  • Give plenty of notice to the building manager about your intentions of moving and schedule a meeting to discuss dates and access on the day of moving.
  • A real estate broker may be needed if you are planning on selling or if you wish to rent the old space.
  • Acquire any necessary building permits, this is particularly important if you’re planning on doing renovations to the new space, like removing walls.
  • Prepare new phone and fax numbers. Also, enquire about setting up internet or bringing your existing connection across.
  • Speak to utility providers and make sure they are ready for your new space.
  • Start planning on updating business collateral, website and other material with your new address.
  • Consider the layout of your existing furniture and map out how it will position in the new property.
  • Assess priority rooms such as kitchen, bathroom and server room and ensure they meet your business requirements.
  • Plan out security and alarm systems for your new site.
  • Start the order for new security keycards if required.
  • Have vending machine, fridges and other appliances ready and available for the new site.
  • Contact relevant stakeholders and inform them of your new address.
  • Let clients know about scheduled downtime for when you are relocating and your new office location.
  • Update current business listings and directories with the new address.

For further information on our office relocation services get in contact with us today and see how we can professionally assist your business. One of our corporate sales team will contact you to organise an onsite survey to get the process started.