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Packing Materials



We can provide those moving with all the packing materials needed that ensures their belongings are safely packed and ready for transport.

It’s very important to use high quality packing materials when moving to a new destination. Even if you are only moving a short distance, it’s simply not worth risking your possessions using inferior and weak boxes, containers and other packing items.

While Dawsons Moving & Storage take the utmost care during every single removalists Brisbane job they are assigned with, having your belongings properly packaged with strong packing materials will give ultimate peace of mind during transit.

With our wide selection of packing materials, Brisbane and interstate moves just became a whole lot easier. We have boxes designed for a range of items, so whether moving house or a few items of furniture, we’ll have practical, packing solutions ready for you.

For the moving jobs that require large quantities of packing materials, we can easily order the required stock and have it available when you’re ready to pack.  We want to be the removalists Brisbane company that can cater to all your requirements that come with moving – packing materials included!

You can be sure we can supply the packing materials that get the task done and provide ultimate protection for your possessions.

If you require the items to surround and cushion the inside linings of packing containers we also have you covered!

Foam peanuts provide lightweight, resilient protection to fill in the area space of a box or container and cushion the belongings inside. By using the right kind of packing material to cushion your fragile or special possessions, you get peace of mind that your possessions will not be marked or damaged inside their packing materials.

And when it comes to sealing up your boxes and other moving items, we have tape that will ensure your boxes and containers won’t open during moving.

Boxes, cushioning items, tape and more – we can provide these types of packing materials to make your Brisbane removalist task a breeze!

Don’t take the risk. No matter how smooth your move goes, weak boxes that may break during transit can make the whole move just that much more difficult, not to mention the potential damages and breakages you will have to deal with.

So whether moving house or a few items of furniture, having the correct packing materials can protect your items during removal.

Packing Materials Ready For Every Removalists Brisbane Job

Our range of packing materials can be purchased directly from our depot and picked up


If you have a move booked in with us, we will deliver them to your door for ultimate convenience.

Please view some of our range below and please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Because at Dawsons Moving & Storage, are the Brisbane removalists you can trust to take the stress and hassle out of your day of moving.



Range of packing materials